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Giving is in our blood. We’ve helped build schools in Guatemala, installed water filtration systems in Haiti, worked with victims of human trafficking in Indonesia, planted trees all over the US, raised money for global cancer nonprofits, and given over 50,000 people around the world hearing for the first time. 

We now believe the most important work we can do now is help others identify and take action on the things that matter most – in both life and business.

After interviewing 20,000 people about their life experiences, fears, and regrets, we wrote a book, a card deck, and keynotes about how to build lives rich in experiences - and have been lucky enough to share it with some of the biggest companies in the world.

But giving remains our lives greatest experience. Which is why every year we are committed to giving 10 free workshops and keynotes to help more companies explore how investing in their teams goals and dreams affects the bottom line. 

Because when employees feel supported in becoming the best version of themselves, they are more likely to be engaged, productive, and loyal to their organization. They are more likely to go above and beyond in their work, bring the best ideas and energy to their teams, and stay with their organization longer.

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Prosper Through Connection

How to invest in relationships to create a culture of belonging and shared success at work.

Bridget and Joe's stories energize, inspire, and provide the tools and habits necessary for attendees to learn how to build deeper and more meaningful connections with their teams and co-workers, overcome burnout, optimize individual and team performance, and cultivate a culture of community, belonging and wellbeing at both work and home.

Make 'Someday' Today

How to create urgency and take action on your personal and professional goals - starting now.

This transformational keynote takes attendees through a powerful and entertaining 60 minutes focused on all the ways companies, teams and leaders can unlock powerful results and untapped human potential by learning how to identify and prioritize investing in fulfilling goals and dreams at both work and home.

Treasure Maps Workshop

Investing in your teams experiences and goals has a bottom line impact on creativity, productivity, relationships, mental health, career growth, collaboration, and the overall feeling of belonging and connection in the workplace as a whole. Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff's transformational Treasure Maps workshop takes teams through a powerful and entertaining 2 hours or half day that deepens relationships and has long lasting effects.

About Us


Joe is a leading expert on life experiences and their proven connection to personal and professional growth, peak performance, mental and physical health, happiness and fulfillment, meaningful relationships and belonging. 

Joe has partnered with and spoken at corporations around the globe, including Delta Air Lines, Chivas Regal, Amazon, Spotify and Google. He has worked alongside A-List celebrities, global leaders and cultural icons, and has been interviewed on the Today Show, Good Morning America, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Buzzfeed, Fast Company and Entrepreneur.

Now, as a keynote speaker, co-author of the best-selling Experiential Billionaire book, and self proclaimed experiential guinea pig, he has inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world to identify and achieve their biggest goals and dreams.


Bridget is a leading expert on the art, science, and path to becoming rich in life experiences. Growing up in Flint, MI, she used her love of music as inspiration and hustled her way into the largest record label in the world as a teenager - helping to launch some of today's biggest careers in music. 

Inspired by a viral video of a deaf woman hearing for the first time, she then founded the first social good electronics company, LSTN Sound Co., sold millions of products, partnered with the likes of Google, Delta Air Lines, and Amazon, was interviewed by Today Show, GMA, NYT, and traveled the world giving over 50,000 people the gift of hearing. 

Now as a keynote speaker, co-author of the Experiential Billionaire book and Treasure Maps card deck, self proclaimed experiential guinea pig, and facilitator of one of the largest surveys on life experiences ever done, she has inspired hundreds of thousands to follow and achieve their dreams personally and professionally.

Client Examples


I appreciate the good work that Bridget and Joe are doing. They’re great!

President Bill Clinton

If anyone knows how to make the most out of life’s journey, it’s Joe and Bridget.

Daymond John, Shark Tank

Demonstrates that you can solve a problem and have a positive impact. An inspiring entrepreneur that shows business can really be an adventure.

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin

Inspiring and downright awesome. Thanks for your commitment and enthusiasm.

Alexandre Pernod, Pernod Ricard

I love the impact that Joe and Bridget are making throughout the world.

Trevor Noah, Comedian

The bottom line of business is really people, serving people. Bridget and Joe have this. They understand we can be part of a better world.

Bill Austin, Starkey Hearing Technologies

I think what Bridget and Joe are doing is SO cool. Inspiring!

Kim Kardashian, SKIMS

Joe and Bridget are full of heart. Experiential Billionaire is full of stories that will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly take action.

Ben Nemtin, Author

Joe and Bridget’s vulnerable stories beautifully illustrate what an experience rich life can look like and how it’s something we can all achieve. They should teach this in schools.

Atticus, Author

The keynote and the book are the perfect combination of entertainment, vulnerability, and actionable takeaways. Gave me urgency and reshaped the way I think about time.

Josh Linkner, ImpactEleven

Bridget and her story is such an inspiration to me, our students, and the Los Angeles business community - she is helping us shape our future here at UCLA.

Patricia Galea, UCLA

Bridget's story motivated our students to think about what they want their own life stories to be - and how to take the steps to achieve those goals.

Glenn Fox, USC

What an amazing day spent with you, our team is still buzzing. We had strings of conversations going across business units for the following few days, where we were asking people to be vulnerable and share something they did that they had been needing to get done for a while. The comments were electrifying! I can’t thank you both enough for pushing us out of our comfort zone.

Amber Jones, Tangram Interiors

Bridget and Joe’s Make "Someday" Today keynote showed our 300+ sales attendees that creating meaningful experiences is how to not only stand out from the crowd, but to show your clients and employees that they’re seen and valued in an authentic way. Loved hearing their story!

Doug Cartwright, Alchemy Sales Coaching

“Someday” only becomes a reality when you take action. Bridget and Joe equip you with practical tools, grounded in research and filled with captivating real-life stories. Chock full of actionable insights to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Ryan Paugh,

Joe and Bridget inspired my team to follow through on their personal and professional goals together, and as a result my team has never felt closer.

Jared Nixon, Sasha Group (Vayner Media)

Bridget and Joe’s workshop motivated my team to work together on achieving their dreams. I love seeing our employees bond over these experiences and be happier at work.

Cambria Steel, Twitter

I love the way you haven’t let your dreams become fleeting thoughts, and I appreciate the honesty with what you shared because you made it possible for us all to relate to your journey. I’m thankful you brought that message to us.

Amy Arnold, Duke Technology Scholars

There’s no one that believes in what Bridget and Joe are doing more than I do.

Cal Fussman, Author

Wow! Bridget and Joe’s talk brings the real meaning of life into sharp focus. Their vulnerable and entertaining personal stories left us feeling inspired and ready to take action on the things that matter most in life.

Jerry Meng, Connect the Dots

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What Your Team Will Learn

  • How to find, rediscover, visualize, and execute on important goals and dreams
  • Develop and maintain strong feelings of accomplishment and belonging
  • Improve and build long lasting relationships and collaborations
  • Find greater inspiration, motivation and determination through action

What Attendees Leave With

  • The steps and value of identifying, visualizing and executing the right goals
  • Accountability systems and how to optimize for the greatest results
  • 80 Page PDF of actionable and thought provoking exercises to break down the barriers that arise when creating more fulfilling personal and professional lives
  • Optional Treasure Maps card deck or Experiential Billionaire book to continue their goal journey after the event


60 minutes + Q&A

We do our paid workshops in full or half day increments, however for the pro bono ones we are open to 1.5 hours to a half day.

  • Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Wellness
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Retail/Fashion
  • ...and more!

Inspired, motivated, ready to build deeper relationships with their coworkers and others in their life.

After signing up, we will coordinate a time and day to come by. We are easy to work with and no drama.

The Experiential Billionaire book and card decks are a great way to keep the inspiration going after the event, and can be arranged to be signed before or during the event. We also provide an 80 page toolkit free of charge.