New Interview: Untangle - Mindfulness for Curious Humans

New Interview: Untangle - Mindfulness for Curious Humans

Today's guests are Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff, co-authors of a book called Experiential Billionaire. Build a Life Rich in Experiences and with No Regrets. Intriguing, right? I was curious to hear their stories and what led them to this perspective. Armed with a sense of urgency after his dad died young, Joe became painfully aware that there was no guarantee of how much time he had to live. He began focusing on doing things (and living his life) with an 'experiential mindset' in love, work, service and adventure. His Goal? To live a rich and meaningful life. Bridget is also passionate about creating new experiences and living her life armed with a zeal for big leaps of faith and an endless spirit of adventure.

They say…imagine you had one year to live. … take out a sheet of paper and write down the top 10 things you'd want to do right now. Then, look at that list and see how many of those things are in your life right now. Hint…do more of what matters to you, what you love…while you’re here. Start now.

They share some of their great adventures as well…and spoiler alert, they’re not all big things. It’s often the little things that fill us up as well. Go for it!


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