Interview: Win Monday Podcast with Paul Epstein - Embracing the Essence of Wealth: The Power of Experiences

Interview: Win Monday Podcast with Paul Epstein - Embracing the Essence of Wealth: The Power of Experiences

Episode Summary

Ever find yourself questioning the true essence of wealth? It's a sentiment many of us share. In a world that often equates prosperity with the thickness of our wallets, let's take a moment to ponder a simple yet profound truth: wealth isn't just about money; it's about the richness of our experiences.

In today’s episode of the Win Monday podcast, we are delighted to introduce two extraordinary individuals, Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff, authors of the book Experiential Billionaire. They have lived a life filled with diverse and adventurous experiences, from training as samurais to dancing with the northern lights, and even standing face-to-face with hungry lions on safari. Today, we delve into their journeys and the lessons they've learned along the way.

In our conversation, Bridget and Joe share their journeys of self-discovery, the importance of experiences over material wealth, and their shift in perspective on life after facing personal challenges. They also provide practical advice on how to start living a life focused on experiences, emphasizing the importance of taking small steps toward achieving one's dreams and goals. They conclude by encouraging listeners to become experiential billionaires by embracing a life filled with meaningful experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Wealth is not just about money, but about the richness of our experiences.
  • People value experiences over material possessions and regret what they didn't do.
  • Break down big goals into smaller steps and put them into a calendar.
  • Take small steps towards achieving your dreams and goals, rather than putting them off for the future.
  • Create a visible "treasure map" of goals and seek accountability from trusted individuals.

In This Episode

  • [04:02] The urgency to live life
  • [07:44] From bankruptcy to experiences
  • [09:32] Choosing between money and experiences
  • [10:32] The near-death experience and life regrets
  • [11:36] Starting a business to help people
  • [21:51] The urgency of experiences
  • [23:18] Starting the journey of experiential wealth
  • [24:49] Taking action towards experiential wealth
  • [33:13] The importance of small steps
  • [39:29] Creating intention and accountability

Notable Quotes

  • [04:02] "There's so many people that live like this that are postponing their life now for some future that might not exist." - Bridget
  • [19:51] "I think the real wealth of life is these experiences, not just travel, but giving back and building these relationships and enjoying life." - Bridget
  • [25:34] "It's the stagnation that causes that kind of poverty across both personal and financial." - Joe
  • [33:40] “We want people to put the steps, like starting now because you just really never know when it's all going to end." - Bridget

Our Guest

Bridget Hilton founded LSTN Sound Co., a pioneering social good electronics company, amassing millions in sales and collaborations with giants like Google, Delta Air Lines, and Amazon. Featured on Today Show, GMA, and NYT, Bridget traveled globally, gifting over 50,000 people the ability to hear. Now a keynote speaker, co-author, and experiential guru, she passionately advocates mental health and intentional living.

Joe Huff is a leading expert on the art, science, and journey to life's riches. As a founder and owner, he has spearheaded multiple 8-figure businesses, guiding countless individuals worldwide. Transitioning into a keynote speaker, co-author of "Experiential Billionaire," and creator of the "Treasure Maps" card game, Joe is a self-proclaimed experiential guinea pig. He passionately facilitates one of the most extensive life experience surveys, aiming to inspire others to pursue audacious goals and live intentional, regret-free lives.

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