Bold Journey - Meet Joe Huff

Bold Journey - Meet Joe Huff


We recently connected with Joe Huff and have shared our conversation below.

Joe , so good to have you with us today. We’ve always been impressed with folks who have a very clear sense of purpose and so maybe we can jump right in and talk about how you found your purpose?
At age 18, I watched my father’s life come to what looked to be a sudden and very early end. I came down to discover him slumped at the kitchen table, white as a sheet and drenched in sweat. I called 911 and sat there waiting, helpless, until the paramedics showed up. He was rushed to the hospital to begin what would become a living nightmare that lasted over two months.

My dad didn’t have an ulcer—it was a dire case of undiagnosed cardiomyopathy, or swelling and scarring of the heart. His condition was so grave that he was immediately added to the top of the heart transplant list—odds of survival: less than 10 percent.

Time seemed to stop while we waited for a miracle. As we paced the halls, it felt horrible to think this was how so many people lived, eking out vacations and waiting on a retirement they might never see. Postponing life now for a future that might not exist.

The more I turned it over in my head, the more upsetting it was. In the end, I could only come to one conclusion: This. Is. Bullshit.

And that terrifying moment gave me a great gift. It gave me urgency.

I had been made suddenly very aware that there wasn’t a guarantee on how much time I had to fulfill my goals and live my dreams.

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